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Do I DRINK Other Mother Vinegar or COOK with it?

YES!  You can cook with our vinegar AND drink it.  What?!  Red wine vinegar is actually good for me to drink!  Who knew?


I bet you are wondering what the hubbub is all about.  Why are so many people actually drinking vinegar?  Well, I can’t speak for the masses, but I personally drink Other Mother vinegar (OMV) after breakfast in an effort to boost my gut microbiome.  OMV is a LIVE vinegar; it is unpasteurized and only slightly filtered to maintain all the healthful bacteria possible.  There’s a bit of confusion about it, but these millions of bacteria colonies, sometimes referred to as “the mother,” are actually beneficial to our intestinal tracts.  Wine vinegar provides organic acids such as acetic, lactic, citric, ascorbic, propionic, malic and tartaric.  These naturally occurring acids are known for their bacteria fighting properties.  


Why wine vinegar instead of apple cider vinegar?

The simple answer:  taste profile.  The majority of apple cider vinegars are mass produced usually in about 48 hours, and they all taste just about the same.  To be blunt, they’re pretty harsh and hard to swallow.  Don’t get me wrong, I started out an apple cider vinegar drinker.  I really tried to remain committed to my regimen, but truth is, I got to where I just could not stomach it.  Enter Other Mother Vinegar! 

OMV is our answer to harsh tasting vinegar!  We produce and age our vinegar using the Orleans method.  Good things take time and vinegar is no exception.  Making vinegar the time-honored way requires a two-stage process:  conversion followed by polishing.  At the onset, we place full-flavored Texas wine along with our mother of vinegar, Eve, into previously used 69-gallon oak wine barrels.  Our converter barrels are prepared by drilling three ventilation holes into each end and then partially filled with wine to allow the maximum surface area of the wine to encounter oxygen.  As wine breathes, it attracts acetobacters that begin the conversion process.  Acetobacters thrive all around us, in the air, on our food, on our skin.  Within the wine, acetobacters get busy and feed off the alcohol, which results in acetic acid.  Acetic acid is the main flavor component of vinegar.  Once conversion is complete, the vinegar is moved into polishing barrels for roughly nine months, enabling it to extract even more flavor from the wine barrel as its complex profile mellows and smooths. 

Time in the barrel equals rich, robust, unparalleled flavor!


What are the health benefits of drinking vinegar?

Now, we aren't purporting that vinegar will cure all that ails you.  What we are saying is that drinking vinegar HELPS.  And who doesn’t need a bit of help from time to time?  It’s crazy. but vinegar helps waylay so many issues that crop up in our systems.  For example, it is great for your gut health.  It adds good bacteria to your system and thus boosts your microbiome.  It can take the sizzle out of your acid reflux or indigestion.  It has been shown to be a good source of antioxidants, to assist in lowering blood sugar, to lower blood pressure, … you’re getting the picture, aren’t you?  The adage should say, “a little vinegar each day helps keep the doctor away!”

Don’t take our word for it, please research for yourself.  A vast amount of information can be found out there on the benefits of drinking vinegar.   


What are Shrub Shots?

A Shrub Shot is a good start to a healthy gut!  While we borrowed the term "shrub" from Colonial Americans, vinegar shrubs are especially relevant today.  Unpasteurized vinegar (with the mother) has long been touted for its natural health boosting properties and our Shrub Shots were designed to do just that.  We have mindfully included fresh, health boosting fruits and roots along with our raw, probiotic vinegar to offer an explosion of flavor and function that supports our diverse microbiomes.  Enjoy 1 to 2 ounces daily.


What are the benefits of drinking Shrub Shots?


Along with the probiotic benefits, we offer four functional flavors:  heart healthy BEET, immunity and digestion boosting GINGER, antioxidant RASPBERRY, and inflammation fighting TURMERIC.  Enjoy 1 to 2 ounces daily for maximum benefit.

Do I just drink my Shrub Shots on their own, or can I mix them with other things?

You have loads of options for using our Shrub Shots while still reaping the benefits.  Shake it and shoot it for that probiotic boost OR mix it!  Mix it with sparkling water for an energy boosting mocktail.  Add your favorite spirit for a delightful craft cocktail.  Include our tasty shrubs in your culinary creations such as vinaigrettes, salsas, marinades and more.  The idea is to get more naturally occurring probiotics into your daily diet!

How should I store my Shrub Shots?

For optimal color and flavor, once opened, please store your Shrub Shots in the fridge.  Remember, this product is full of living bacteria!  To retain maximum probiotic cultures, always keep the product under 140 degrees F. 


We like to refer to our vinegar as the best of both worlds -- an artisan red wine vinegar made for drinking but equally delicious for cooking.  We hope you’ll try OMV products and let us know your experience with our vinegar!

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