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Our Sustainability Practices

Other Mother is dedicated to keeping our impact on the planet to a minimum.  Our sustainable practices begin with the delicious, probiotic rich vinegar that is made in house.  Our shrubs are crafted from locally sourced red wine that we slowly age into aromatic vinegar in repurposed oak wine barrels.  This time-honored process known as the Orleans method dates to the 16th century and requires patience.  Our rich, aromatic vinegar spends at least 12 months in a barrel.  These specially aeriated barrels are stored on their sides in an ambient atmosphere requiring NO air conditioning.  The Orleans method along with sourcing many of our ingredients from local producers located in the Texas Hill Country help keep our carbon footprint to a minimum. 

As glass is sustainable from origin to demise, we have eliminated all plastic bottles from our product lineup and replaced them with glass options.  Our ecofriendly glass containers are sourced from suppliers right here in the USA and help protect the integrity and flavor of our gut boosting shrub shots. 

Our case packs are made entirely of corrugated material.  Corrugated packaging contains recycled content and is itself recyclable.  Our shots are cased in a corrugated box designed to be torn open leaving a sturdy display case that is easily shelved and guards against breakage. Corrugated packaging is renewable and reusable as well.  Generated from recycled materials, paper pulp or fast-growing timber, our boxes are renewable.  Further minimizing environmental impact, our corrugated boxes are designed to be easily collapsible and fully reusable.

We are grateful for this planet and remain committed to doing our part.  Our philosophy today and every day – Reuse.  Repurpose.  Source locally.

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